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Air Freight Terms
Ocean Freight Terms
Air Freight Terms
Mawb - Master air waybill


Document issued specific to individual airline. Consists of 3 digit number specific to airline of issue plus 8 digit number which will relate to specific shipment. All details relating to full shipment and routing are included on this document together with special handling requirements.
Hawb - House air waybill :
Document issued by agent. Used for consolidation of cargo. Reference numbers are normally issued by agent for identification of individual shipments within a consolidation.
ULD - Unit Load Device



Loading of aircraft for cargo is in 3 main compartments: (1) bellyhold; (2) lower deck; (3) upper deck. The bellyhold is normally reserved for passenger baggage but is used for small size/low gross weight carton/boxes. Lower and upper deck are used for cargo loaded in specific loading units which will fit the configuration of the aircraft being used. These units are referred to as Unit Load Devices (ULD). These units vary in size depending on the aircraft type.
Airport Code :
All airports globally are issued with a 3 letter code which will be unique to that airport.
Airline Designator :
2 letter code unique to each airline.
Aircraft Codes :
General Designators used for encoding of aircraft types. j = pure jet, h = helicopter, p = propeller, t = prop jet, a = amphibian/seaplan.
Aircraft on Ground
Dangerous Goods Regulations
General Sales Agent
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Ocean Freight Terms
Cargo Receipt :
A receipt of cargo for shipment by a consolidator.
Container Ship :
Ocean going vessel designed to carry containers.


Containers are designed to give maximum protection against weather, damage, and theft. They can be moved inland on their own chassis and can be loaded at the shippers premises. Basic sizes for containers are 20, 35, and 40 feet in length, 8 feet wide and 8 feet high.
Lo/Lo - Lift-on / Lift-off :
The method by which cargo is loaded and discharged by the use of a crane.
Ocean Bill of Lading :
A receipt for cargo in transit, issued after the vessel has sailed and the cargo has been entered in the ship's manifest.
Port of Discharge :
Port where vessel is off loaded and cargo discharged.
Port of Loading :
Port where vessel is loaded and cargo stowed
Ro/Ro - Roll-on / Roll-off :
The method by which wheeled vehicles can be directly driven on and off a vessel.
Ship's Manifest :
Contains a list of the shipments comprising the cargo of the vessel.
Short-Shipped :
Cargo manifested but not loaded
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